Giggin’s customer-centric approach to the Personal Chef Experience

The typical situation to hiring a personal chef involves the customer researching potential chefs by various means:  such as googling chefs, using chef sites, word of mouth and many other methods.  With the Giggin’ apps, the customer does not have to go through this.  Giggin’ licenses its apps to chefs that have been screened from a professional skill perspective as well as their passing a national background check.

Most chefs have a website that allows the customer to select from a menu of recipes.  The customer can select what they want from the chef’s menus or the recipes they feature on Giggn.’ They can also tell the chef what they would like to have prepared on a particular date and time. The apps handle it.  One neat way is for the customer to go to one of the online recipe sites, find a recipe or recipes, and copy the link of the recipes into the Giggin’ app in the “What Do you want prepared? field.   Big Oven is Giggin’s preferred recipe site.  It allows the customer to select a recipe and state the number of people to be served.  It even allows the customer to specify leftovers they have and presents them with suggested recipes. These approaches gives the customer maximum ability to specify what they want prepared. Our future development plan calls for our integration with the Big Oven site in order to facilitate this process.

Another feature of the Giggin’ apps are they allow the customer to fill out a health and dietary questionnaire.  This questionnaire can be viewed by the chef and allow the chef to customize meal plans that meet these specific needs.

The chefs available on the date and time respond to the customer’s  specified request only if they feel they can meet the desires of the customer.

When the chef leaves for the service location, Giggin’ allows the customer to GPS track the chef as he/she travels to the client location.

Another feature of the Giggin’ apps is that once the service has been confirmed, Giggin’ generates a unique pass code that only the chef and customer have access to.  When the chef arrives, the customer and chef must indicate to the app they have exchanged the pass code and this starts the clock on the service.

Another advantage of the Giggin’ process is the customer does not have to be at the location to exchange the pass code.  The customer and client can communicate via Facetime, thus allowing the client to see the chef at the location.  They can exchange the pass code via Facetime.  Depending on the agreed to process, the customer can tell the client how to gain access to the location.  The customer can even observe the chef prepare the meal via Facetime.

These unique features of Giggin’ assure the customer of a unique well planned and safe interaction with the chef, preserving the customer’s time for other activities.


Giggin’ is the ultimate time saving social experience.

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